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Jet Tools
Founded in 1958, JET Equipment & Tools has grown aggressively
in the material handling, metalworking, and woodworking markets.
Purchased by WMH in 1988, the company quickly became a
leader in the woodworking machinery industry while maintaining
a presence in the material handling and metalworking markets.

In 1999 JET purchased Performax Products and the Powermatic
Corporation. Powermatic® woodworking products were first
introduced in 1921. In 2001 Wilton Machinery joined JET.
Bessey Clamps
We feature Bessey industrial clamps, Bessey woodworking clamps, specialty
compounds, bearing heaters, industrial hammers, snips and cutters, and much

See the full line of Bessey Clamps at:  www.besseytools.com

See the full line of Metal Working Tools at:
Jet Tools:  www.wmhtoolgroup.com