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We are a buyer of standing timber in the Northern Virginia
and surrounding area's. We select harvest only mature North
American Hardwoods. There is a 10 acre minimum and we
will give you a free estimate of the timbers value. The mill has
over 50 years of experience in selective cutting and only uses
certified loggers. We follow VA BMP's (Virginia's Best
Management Practices). We are licensed and insured so
you can breathe easy knowing that you're in good hands.
The Process
1. You call for an appointment.
2. You and the timber marker will walk the boundary lines..
3. The timber marker will paint a dot on all trees to be harvested.
4. We will give an estimate of the value to you.
5. If you accept the estimate we will enter into a written contract..
6. Documents, boundaries, etc., are checked at courthouse.
7. The contract is signed and our payment is made.
8. The timber is harvested as per our contract.